What a colleague has to say about the new Blanton Café (Austin)

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From an anonymous omnivore.

Short review: Go to Hoa Hoa’s. Cheaper, quicker, and just as good. (And in your case, a vastly larger selection.)

Long review:

I got there at 11:40, and there was a line to the door. Lots of old people, so I think it was mostly museum visitors. Italian themed dishes, including ready and waiting flatbread pizza (stuff on a cracker) and premade sandwiches. I got the pesto chicken salad sandwich, soup of the day (mushroom bisque, fancy for cream of shrum) and iced tea. It’s more or less cafeteria style; all the foods are out and you order, they put it onto paper food holders, you pay at the register at the end of the line. Turns out the chicken salad is actually a grilled panini, which the menu doesn’t mention, so I had to wait for it, which sucked ‘cuz I didn’t have a long time for lunch and I picked that sandwich because I thought I’d get it right then and there. Diced chicken coated in pesto, tomato slice and cheese. Basically, a $5 sandwich with an $8 price tag. The soup was good; thick and very mushroomy with a hint of black pepper. A bowl of this would’ve been satisfying, and it was actually decently priced. They only had “raspberry island” iced tea. Something herbal, it tasted very raspberry-y without being sweet. I liked it, but the real sin of the iced tea was it came in a small cup full of ice for $2. For that much iced tea money, there should be enough iced tea to drown yourself in. It took one hour from desk to there, wait in line, order, wait for the pre-made sandwich (!), eat and back to desk with no distractions. By the time I left, the line was full of people coming from the Capitol complex.

Since everything was pretty much ready to go, you probably would have to wait to get a balsamic roasted veggie sandwich made special without cheese. I don’t see this place doing well with the vegan crowd.

Trivia: museum members get a 10% discount, and museum employees get a 20% discount.

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