Potato chard enchiladas

Enchilada plate
Inspired by Veganomicon’s Potato Kale Enchiladas, and Wasabimon’s Potato Chard Enchiladas, I made some of my own!

I added a little bit of my own Fieldmarshal’s Basic Tex-Mex Enchilada Sauce, as the my sauce (following the Wasabimon recipe) seemed a bit too salsa-like, all chunky and relish-like, and enchiladas need some saucy glue to hold things together. So I used my basic sauce to roll the tortillas, poured the unused spoonful over the top, and then decorated the whole thing with the onion-based sauce, which I made liberal changes to, based on available ingredients.

Potato and chard enchiladas, cooked
I served this up with black beans and a big dollop of Sour Supreme. It was pretty tasty; potatoes make an excellent vegan enchilada filling, and the chard added color and texture while packing a heathly punch. I think next time I might try a variation of my sauce, with a little queso and Sour Supreme mixed in, and a garnish of additional, barely-steamed greens.

Peek inside

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