Sunday lunch: veggie ribs, bourbon-glazed sweet potatoes, and mac and cheese


Alin brought me a funny/weird/fascinating box of “Veggie Ribs” from her recent trip to Portland (the contents of which, hilariously enough, were produced in Tomball, Texas!). Basically, it’s a boxed seitan mix. You add tahini (or peanut butter), water, and margarine, then bake with BBQ sauce. Now, I don’t have anything to compare this to, having never, in all my 25+ years as a Texan meat-eater, been able to bring myself to eat a rib. But I can say they were fairly flavorful, chewy, nicely browned and crunchy around the edges, and interesting. If I had another box, I would make them again. Or, I might just make seitan strips marinated in BBQ sauce in the future.


This was also the first time I’ve made BBQ sauce from scratch – I used the Veganomicon recipe, and was very pleased. Now I have a whole 4 cups of BBQ sauce in my fridge! Cost? One onion and some pantry staples. Awesome!

bbq sauce

The New Farm Macaroni and Cheese recipe is here, and the Southern sweet potatoes are here (unmashed this time around).

sweet potatoes

mac and cheese


Thanks, Alin!

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