Raw Austin Round-Up

I admit that I’m a deep-fried vegan, but seriously eating raw, or living foods, can be a real treat especially if you live in Austin. The meals aren’t cheap but they aren’t too over the top. You pay for the good ingredients and intent behind the meals. I’ve chosen to highlight a few local restaurants that have impressed me with their flavor, freshness and creativity:

The first is Beets Cafe in downtown west Austin. My favorite dish is the raw pizza where every bite has tons of flavor, especially the tomato sauce. The wait service is friendly and their chocolate cheesecake is to die for.

Beets Cafe (Austin). Photo courtesy of VegAustin.com.

Borborleta is another gem also located in downtown west Austin. I recommend their lasagna made from zucchini noodles, macadamia mozzarella, portabello mushrooms and spinach. It comes to you looking really fancy. The menu changes so most things can be local and seasonal which means you should just go back for more. Everything on this sample plate here was delicious.

Borborleta, (Austin). Photo courtesy of vegangrrl.

Of course, Daily Juice has been serving the Austin community for five years now with refreshingly substantial smoothies, but have you been to their cafe yet? Located in Hyde Park, they offer tasty BBQ coconut sandwiches (see left), chile con queso made from walnut chorizo and cashew cheese, and even an enchilada plate with your choice from three kinds of sauce!

Daily Juice Cafe (Austin). Photo courtesy of vegangrrl.

2 thoughts on “Raw Austin Round-Up

  1. Great post! I am definitely by no means a raw vegan, but enjoy raw food when it's done well. I got a flyer from my neighbor a month or so ago for Borboleta; that place looks swaaa-nkkyy! (In a good way) I definitely will check these places out.

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