Brunch at Eastside Cafe

Eastside Cafe

Sunday I went out to brunch at Eastside Cafe, a very lovely little spot in East Austin that even grows some of its own food. It’s amazing to see that take place in such an urban environment, and believe me, the food is just as fresh as you’d expect it to be.

Enchiladas for breakfast

I had a few options for brunch, but I decided to ask Eastside Cafe to veganize their roja vegetable enchiladas for me, and I’m sure glad I did. They were spicy and light, and I loved the beans and brown rice on the side. My waitress was even nice enough to hook me up with some dinner rolls, since the cornbread they serve at brunch isn’t vegan. I also tried a chamomile lavender tea, which was lovely. It didn’t really go with the enchiladas, so I drank it after my meal.

Garden @ Eastside Cafe

After our meal, I walked back through Eastside Cafe’s garden, and I was really impressed. They are able to grow a lot of vegetables in a small amount of space. It inspires me to do better with my own little home garden!

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