Austin review: Terra Burger

Terra Burger

I’ve been craving a good veggie burger for a few weeks, and I made a pretty tasty one the other day, but, in the confusion of getting Fluffster out the door and to the vet at 7:00am this morning, I forgot to pack a lunch. I needed to go to Eclectic Eyewear, anyway, to get my glasses adjusted (again), so I decided to hit up Terra Burger, having heard mostly great things about it.

I skipped the vegan milkshake (and, oh, how difficult that was), because not only is it $3.95 to begin with, but there is a $1.50 surcharge for vegan milk. What?! Haven’t you had it up to here with vegan surcharges? I know I have. I mean, for heaven’s sake, soy or rice milk are not even much more costly than cow’s milk, and it won’t go bad after a week in the fridge, either! Sheesh.

As others have complained, at $5.99, their fairly middle-of-the-road burger is a tad overpriced. It was serviceable, don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed it; the “meaty” middle was better than average. But it didn’t knock me out. Props to Terra Burger for offering Vegenaise, though – it’s so nice not to have to pack my own! That alone makes it worth a visit. I also tried the sweet potato fries, and found them pretty durn delicious. All in all, a satisfying lunch.

Sweet potato fries

I might go back if I find myself in the northwest campus area around lunch time, as there aren’t many other options around there, with the exception of Kerbey Lane (which is about a full mile from my office). I find their concept a fairly positive one, though I can’t really get past all signs shouting “Sustainable!” hanging in a place that serves beef.

Terra Burger
2522 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705

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