So long Stella…

It was nice reading your posts here, but since you’ve decided to eat animals and animal products again, I suppose you won’t be blogging here anymore. (You do know, there are delicious ways to eat a vegan diet without having food trucked in from across the country… Just look at how the folks at Casa de Luz serve food… LOCAL, ORGANIC, MACRO…. and no animals had to die, whether “painlessly” or not. )

In any case, I know your decision must have been a difficult one. As was my decision to become vegan more than a decade ago, against the wishes of my parents and friends. You will run into some flack for this, and you know that already. But I want you to know, that the vegans of Tejas will be waiting here with open arms, if and when you decide that you CAN have a sustainable diet without eating animals.
Good luck, and we are truly sorry to see you go.

3 thoughts on “So long Stella…

  1. Thank you.

    I respect your decisions about what to feed your body, and I hope others can do the same, even though we disagree. I am done discussing/arguing, because I feel that talking about this will just result is in all talking past each other, waste our time, and engender more ill will.

  2. The thing that I find so strange about people who shun veganism for sustainability concerns is that
    A) They never practice what they preach (Lierre Keith eats grain fed meat and buys mass-produced candy, Michael Pollan eats factory farmed meat)

    B)If you honestly think that plant agriculture is somehow worse than animal agriculture, then why not opt out of agriculture altogether? Learn to forage like this vegan -

    Or just go freegan.

  3. Oh Stella dear, you do not need to lie with plant agriculture beeing worse than eating animals.

    I know what is your problem…

    That you are shunned by other people in your area, ridiculed and you are so weak in mind that you rather let others suffer than grow a backbone and build up a personality.

    So bend yourself, it is in the human nature to turn a blind eye and grovel at the feet of the mightier, wanting to be one with the big mass, to not be the one left out.

    Suffering does not affect you as much as long as it is not you..hearing stupid jokes and questions about beeing vegan is too much for you.

    Why stand up for your beliefs when it is so much easier to throw them away and stop beeing yourself?

    You will eat at burger- and pizza chains because everyone does, soon your resolve weakens, beeing better costs too much money, so stuff yourself with all the junk food that is available as long as the mass will accept you.

    I know your darkest secrets, what makes you shiver and your thoughts run in circles..and because you want to be one WITH the masses instead beeing THE ONE-yourself-unique, you search for excuses and look even more ridiculous to people who know.

    Sure, try to hide behind your little white lies, it does not matter because i know the dirty secrets you try to hide.

    It will not work, because for all the people around you, which you try to placate with eating meat you will only be the strange woman that followed these new religion called veganismas or something like always will wear the stigma and you can not bend low enough for these people, never.

    They always will force their little puppet to bend lower.

    How far can you bend before you break?

    No matter how far you bend yourself, they always will find something to laugh about you and your efforts to please them.

    Fare well Stella, in your golden cage.