Lately in Dallas

Dallas has a thriving chef-led food scene. And since Wall Street Journal declared 2011 the Year of the Vegetable, it’s not surprising that veganism and fine dining are colliding. The Libertine Bar and Dallas Vegan are collaborating to present a 5 course vegan dinner, complete with beer pairing. The dinner will be April 20, at 7 PM. Details about the menu and making reservations can be found at Dallas Vegan.

A new Vietnamese Buddhist restaurant D’Vegan has opened in Dallas. Kristy Yang of the Dallas Observer reviews the restaurant favorably. Judging by Yang’s review, I’m looking forward to trying the pho.

Eddie Garza, Texas animal rights advocate and former Lone Star Plate contributor, has left Dallas for New York City in order to head the New York Mercy for Animals campaign. A Texas native, Eddie has been a strong advocate for animals. Besides working as the Texas campaign coordinator for Mercy for Animals, he created the blog Vegan Dallas, and with it, improved community and spread the word about vegan options in DFW. Along with current Vegan Dallas blogger Jamey Scott, Eddie also co-founded the Texas Veggie State Fair. Most of all, Eddie created bridges with the larger Dallas community, showing that being a vegan Texan isn’t all that different from just being a Texan. Congratulations, Eddie!

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