Recipe Round-Up: Biscuits

It’s time for another round-up of your favorite vegan Texas recipes. Last edition was all things chicken-fried, and biscuits are just the thing to eat with chicken-fried seitan.

The biscuits I’m talking about are light, fluffy, and flakey. They might be a bit sweet, but they aren’t a scone. And they definitely aren’t a cookie to be eaten with tea.
Back in the day, when making food took up most of people’s time, biscuits were eaten when yeasted bread wasn’t available. They were usually beaten biscuits, because someone would beat the biscuits for half an hour or more. The beating would incorporate air into the biscuits making them lighter. But beaten biscuits weren’t anywhere near as light and fluffy as present day biscuits.
Nowadays, biscuits are made with baking powder and no one gets much of a workout making them. Biscuits go well with pretty much any Southern dish, but they’re a special breakfast treat when covered in country gravy.
Biscuits used to be the easy way to get bread, but with bread available at every grocery store, bakery, and farmers market, homemade biscuits are more of a splurge. Vegan Explosion shares her recipe for biscuits and her lazy Sunday philosophy to go with them.
Where’s the Revolution gives us a recipe for vegan buttermilk biscuits. According to her, the keys to good biscuits are high quality flour and a sharp biscuit cutter. This recipe holds a special place in my heart because it was my first biscuit success after several failed attempts. (Hint: don’t twist your biscuit cutter!)
JohnP from the I-40 Kitchen shares a twist on the traditional Southern biscuit: sourdough biscuits. The recipe starts out by fermenting yeast and soy yogurt. Don’t let the word ferment scare you off. JohnP walks you through the whole process, and his biscuits look amazingly fluffy.
And finally, Jewish Vegan spills the secret for flaky biscuits: folding the dough. She has the results to prove her point. Her biscuits show the characteristic rise and flakiness of a true Southern biscuit.

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