Dedicated Texan Animal Rights Activist Shirley Wilkes-Johnson

From Shirley’s Facebook page

It’s with a sad heart that we say goodbye to Shirley Wilkes-Johnson. You might know her as the voice of Vegan World Radio, as the founder of the Lone Star Vegetarian Network and the Vegan Chili Cook off, or through her work in the Houston community.

I met Shirley last year at the Chili Cook off launch dinner, and she spoke passionately about the vegan world she longed to live in. Over 50 years as a vegetarian, half of those egetarian for over 50 years and vegan for about half of those, she could still speak with fire about making the world better for animals, the planet, and ourselves.
Erik Marcus and Kaz Sephton, president of the San Antonio Vegetarian Society, share their memories of Shirley here.
I know it was sometimes a struggle to raise enough money to keep Vegan World Radio on the air, and I think it would be a lovely tribute to Shirley if we donated to KPFT in her memory.

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