2nd Gathering of the Tribes

Last October, over a hundred vegans, vegetarians, and animal lovers gathered for a potluck in Pease Park for the first Gathering of the Tribes. The gathering was an opportunity for the many veg*n groups in Austin to share resources, stories, and recipes. It was great to see some of the diversity in Austin’s animal rights movement and to meet new people. Also, the Austin Progressive Potluckers showed up! I love that there’s a group of people who go to potlucks around town to learn more about different organizations.

It’s time to recreate that magic with an Earth Day celebration at the 2nd Gathering of the Tribes, this Saturday, April 16, at 5 PM at Peace Park, 1100 Kingsbury Street. Bring a vegan* dish that can feed 8 people and a list of ingredients. And bring all your friends, vegan or otherwise. And carpool/bike/walk, for goodness sake! It’s Earth Day!

The Facebook page is here: Gathering of the Tribes

*Vegan means no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey, including things like gelatin or chicken broth.

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