Houston: Radical Eats Vegan Tamales

Image from Eating Our Words, a Houston Press blog

In a recent blog post, Houston Press writer Christina Uticone reviews the vegan tamales made by Radical Eats, a vegan catering company whose mission is to “get fresh vegetables into your body.” Radical, huh? 

Uticone tried the breakfast tamale, a tamale filled with vegan migas, and a spinach and corn tamale. Both look delicious, don’t they? I love the idea of a a breakfast tamale.
Radical Eats make five varieties of corn husk tamales and also banana leaf tamales, which I’m dying to try. Who wants to make a trip to Houston with me? The tamales are sold at local farmers markets and coffee shops (a full list of locations is on their website).
Radical Eats is also the upcoming host of the Houston Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, which is raising money for Food for Life Global, Kinship Circle, and the first Houston VegFest. Am I the only one who would be excited to buy tamales at a bake sale?

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