Gene Baur Traveling in Texas

In celebration of Farm Sanctuary’s 25th anniversary, Gene Baur is traveling across the U.S. in the same VW van he rode around in 25 years ago, selling veggie hot dogs to raise the money that would give Farm Sanctuary its start. Baur is planning to explore vegan culture across the nation, from the food to the people.

Baur’s travels will take him through Texas. He’ll be in Dallas on May 28 and in Austin on May 30. You can follow his journey on the Just Eats Tour website. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say about the Texas vegan movement!

While Baur is in Dallas, the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas is holding a walk-athon/bike-athon and potluck where Baur will speak about his work with Farm Sanctuary. Entry is $15. For more details, see the BVST Facebook page.

The Just Eats Tour is also collecting great vegan recipes and pledges to go vegan for the duration of the 21 day journey.

3 thoughts on “Gene Baur Traveling in Texas

  1. I think he's still in the planning phases. I saw he mentioned food carts on twitter. Should we try to plan something with him?

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