Blogging Across Texas

This is a beautiful blog post about traveling through small town Texas as a vegan, searching for adventure and the unknown.

We were hungry, full of empty calories that can only come from Subway’s freshly baked bread, really couldn’t take seeing another cross dotting the road like mile markers (only .25 miles until you’re in hell), and the novelty of OMG-there-really-are-only-religious-radio-stations was wearing off. When we finally made it to our chain motel in some Texas town I can’t remember, in the middle of what we were told was hill country, right next to a Sonic, we were too tired to care about the prospect of driving through hot ass Texas sans AC. Plus, there really were a lot of cattle farms and meat factories. Yummy.

It’s really beautiful writing. Read the rest here. I just hope the author got to sample some of the great vegan food Texas has to offer.

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