Survey: Why Veg?

A new study from folks at Texas A & M looked at the reasons why people become vegetarian or vegan. They polled people at VegFests in fourteen states and found out . . . that there is no one reason why people stop eating animal products. It’s going to take all kinds of people to build a vegan world.

Because everyone loves a survey, I’ve added a survey to Lone Star Plate asking why you initially stopped eating animal products. And I’m being mean and only letting you pick one answer. In my experience, once a person is veg for a few years, there is no longer one main reason why they don’t eat animal products. But what was the biggest influence on your decision to ditch animal products in the beginning?

One thought on “Survey: Why Veg?

  1. I love the idea of asking people why they have chosen to eat no meat. I personally don't for a combination of reasons: neglectful & cruel treatment of animals, overuse of hormones & antibiotics, that fact that its slowly rotting flesh and realization that I can get protein from almost anything that I eat. I think people need to understand how their food is treated on the way to them before they will change to meat-free or sustainable diets. I think its important for people like us who don't really 'do' meat to not alienate the people who don't completely understand that industry. Thank you for posting :) your blog is interesting & insightful.

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