Happier than a Pig in Mud

Carmen and Brooke keeping cool in the mud hole at Sunny Day Farms. From Sunny Day Farms’ Facebook page

I don’t have to tell you that it’s been a super hot and dry summer in Texas. So far Central Texas has had 51 days over 100 degrees, and pretty much the entire state is in an exceptional level drought.

The heat is hard on our bodies and our lawns, but it’s also hard on our animals. The Austin Town Lake Animal Shelter is waiving adoption fees for some of its at-risk dogs which are housed outdoors in the extreme heat. And Sunny Day Farms desperately needs money for hay. The animals at the sanctuary in La Coste, Texas, aren’t able to eat grass as usual because of the extreme drought, and hay prices have doubled this summer. Sunny Day is struggling to cover feed and veterinary costs.

Pig in the grass at Sunny Day Farms back before the extreme drought and heat. From Sunny Day Farms’ Facebook page

Please consider helping out these animals. You can donate to Sunny Day Farms (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) through pay pal. Your donation, big or small, will make a huge difference in these animals’ lives.

Edit. The paypal link is spotty. If it’s not working you can donate through pay pal using Sunny Day’s email address which is info (at) sunnydayfarms.com.

Edit 2. You can donate by clicking this link on Sunny Day’s Facebook page.

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