Denton: Mean Greens

“In addition to tasting good and being good for you; vegan dining is sustainable and helps to reduce our carbon footprint which is good for the earth.”–from the UNT dining services website

A dining hall at the University of North Texas is going vegan. How cool is that? Many colleges and universities have adopted Meatless Monday and a few Seventh Day Adventist schools have vegetarian cafeterias, but as far as I know, UNT is the only university to offer a cafeteria that only serves vegan food.

The dining hall is called Mean Greens, a play on the university mascot, Mean Green. The change was made over the summer due to increased requests for vegetarian and vegan meals on campus. The new menu will feature pizza, panini, and other options.

The cafeteria staff did extensive research on nutrition and the director of the special foods program at UNT is quoted as saying, “chances are, you’ll get a better balanced opportunity in your food choices at Maple [Mean Greens] than you would at any other eating establishment in and around campus.” As part of their research, the dining services staff went to eat at local vegetarian and vegan restaurants such as Spiral Diner. I’ve already said it, but, how cool is that?

Kudos to UNT dining services staff for making it easier for students to eat healthy and sustainable food. Between Vegan Freak, the Denton Vegan Cooperative, and this dining hall, Denton sounds like a great place to be a vegan college student these days. Go Mean Green!

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