What Do Vegans Eat

There are a lot of tired stereotypes about what vegans eat. And at a time when 50% of Americans have heard of Meatless Monday, it’s time to gently put these stereotypes to rest. I’m speaking to the choir here, but here it is on the off chance that someone writing a fluff piece on the latest vegan celeb or restaurant actually bothers to do a quick google about what vegans eat. Because, frankly, the stereotypes are just lazy writing.

This is the stereotype of what vegans eat:

Photo by Sappymoosetree. Licensed under creative commons

I call this a sad salad. It’s sad. And no one wants to eat this. But often it’s the only vegan option on the menu. If you see a vegan eating this, just know, it’s not what they want to be eating. It’s a pity eat.

Photo by whologwhy. Licensed under creative commons

Plain steamed vegetables. A lot of people think a vegan meal is just a regular steak and mashed potato dinner minus the steak and mashed potatoes. It’s not.

Photo by Karendotcom127. Licensed under creative commons

A block of tofu. Hint, if you don’t want to eat it, we probably don’t either. I actually know someone who was served a plain block of tofu at a wedding. Tofu needs to be cooked and flavored. (There are some traditional Asian dishes involving fresh tofu. That’s not what I’m talking about here.)

Photo by Make It Old. Licensed under creative commons



What vegans actually eat. All of these photos are from a vegan stock photo site.

Photo by MeetTheWikos. Licensed under creative commons

Baked goods and sweets aren’t off limits to vegans. Sure it’s easier to get your vegetables on a vegan diet, but it’s also pretty easy to eat nothing but Oreos and microwave burritos if you’re so inclined.

Photo by Stephanie. Licensed under creative commons

Vegan food can be hearty, too. Especially when it includes beans. This is a tofu chimichanga, black beans, and all the typical fixings like pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole.

Photo by Katelyn. Licensed under creative commons

This is how tofu looks when it’s treated right. Doesn’t it look tasty? And it comes with grains and vegetables, too, so it’s a complete meal.

Photo by Maggie Muggins. Licensed under creative commons

And let’s not forget dessert, something that’s rarely offered on restaurant menus aside from a scoop of sorbet and berries.

Need more ideas for what vegans eat? Check out this post on the USDA’s MyPlate food guidelines or the blog tag “what vegans eat.”

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