Texas Craft Brewers Festival

Photo by 7-how-7. Licensed under creative commons

The Texas¬†Craft Brewers Festival is this weekend in Austin. I was looking up which beers at the festival are vegan (pretty much all of them!), and thought I’d share the info with everyone. I filled in a few breweries that won’t be there so the information is all in one place. Much of this is compiled from Barnivore, and the rest is from emails sent directly to the brewers. In a few cases, I’ve left the place holder (email sent) because I wanted to be able to publish this in time for people going to the Craft Brewer festival on Saturday. It hasn’t been long since I sent emails, so don’t think that any brewer was unresponsive or unhelpful. I’ll update this as I get more responses.

It’s probably a good idea to ask about special edition beers as they may contain honey or, apparently, milk.

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