Gathering of the Tribes

Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman

I love a potluck, which means I super-love the Gathering of the Tribes. It’s like all the veg potlucks in Austin combined into one giant megapotluck. And it’s all vegan.

A couple times a year, all the disparate veg groups in Austin get together and share a meal. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with other vegans in Austin. The next Gathering of the Tribes is less than a week away, on Saturday, October 1, at 5 PM at Pease Park. The Austin Bakes for Bastrop bake sales are earlier in the day, so now you have your whole Saturday planned out. If there are any leftover vegan baked goods at the bake sales, they’ll be available for sale at the potluck.

This time, beside a dish of something yummy, (maybe chicken-fried chickpea cutlets!), I’ll be bringing a signed copy of Celine Steen‘s and Joni Marie Newman‘s new book, Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites. Even though I own too many cookbooks already, when I peeked into this one, I knew I had to buy a copy for myself since I don’t get to keep this one.  I’ll be raffling off the book to raise money for Sunny Day Farms. So bring your wallet and your luck!

Y’all, there are Bacon-Flavored Chickpeas in this book. And Southern Fried Cabbage. And a patty melt recipe. Basically, I want to eat everything in this book. And you should, too. There are really nice photos by Celine, too. Have you seen her photography? It’s gorgeous.

A huge big thank you to Celine and Joni for donating the book. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has helped Sunny Day Farms. Y’all make me believe in humanity.

(There might maybe be more copies of the fundraiser zine Sunny Days in Texas for sale at the Gathering, too. No guarantees, but we’re trying.)

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