Vegan-Friendly Vending Machines at U Houston

2bU vending machine

It’s not quite an all-vegan cafeteria, but University of Houston has contracted with Canteen Vending to install a vending machine with healthy, special-diet-friendly foods in the library.  Users can browse the nutrition information on a screen before making a purchase, which I love. That way you’re not stuck guessing whether the pretzels have whey as the last ingredient or not. The foods included in the vending machines are free from preservatives, transfats, and artificial ingredients (whatever that means), and meet at least one of these criteria: vegan, gluten-free, kosher, organic, locally produced, or all natural (again, whatever that means). Check out some of the products that might be included here. I’d love a vending machine where I could get a Steaz and a bag of roasted edamame. Brands included in the vending machines were also selected partially based on their commitment to social causes, which is a nice bonus.This is one vending machine you can feel good buying a snack from.

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