Vegan in Texas: Denton and Marshall

I’ve been slowly working on a vegan guide to Denton, similar to the one I did for Arlington, and finishing was today’s blog task. I was looking for more information about Fuzzy’s Tacos when I came upon a vegan guide to Denton written by someone from Denton. That wasn’t there a few weeks ago when I started! I’ve never been so happy to have someone scoop me. A guide written by someone actually living and eating in Denton is much better than anything I could have come up with.

If you’re looking at colleges and you’re vegan, I highly recommend you add University of North Texas to your short list. The vegan scene is growing so fast in Denton. In just the short past they’ve gotten a vegan store, a vegan coop, a vegan dining hall at UNT that made national headlines, and now there’s a guide to eating vegan in Denton. I hope this is only the beginning of a strong vegan community in Denton.


Another smallish-town in Texas is embracing a vegan lifestyle, too. While the scene in Denton is driven by a core of young people in and just out of college, the vegan community in Marshall is the result of the recent Get Healthy, Marshall initiative, led by the Esselstyns and some other folks. The whole town has banded together to improve their health. Restaurants are adding healthy vegan options to their menus and the library has a set of healthy vegan cookbooks now. For a town of about 20,000 people, five or six restaurants with good vegan options is a huge deal. Beyond restaurants, the group is also hosting movies, grocery store tours, and cooking classes. The Get Healthy, Marshall website is a great resource for anyone in the area.

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  1. I’m so proud of Denton, my former home of 10 years. That little town has come a long way! The falafel sandwich at Yummy’s is the best I’ve ever had. And I probably ate at Mr. Chopsticks (old location) 4 days a week. To top it all off, they’ve got a great music scene! I second the recommendation of UNT for those considering colleges. You get a great education, with a lot of one-on-one professor time, and much cheaper than other schools in Texas! If you live on or near campus, you won’t need a car – maybe just a bicycle – because everything is so close. <3 <3

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