Making the Holiday Season Awesome

I’m not really into the Holidays. They’re kind of alienating if you don’t celebrate Christmas. And it also seem like a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure to spend money and try to equitably divide your time among your family and friends.┬áBut there’s not really any escaping it. So, if you’ve got to do it, at least do it in an awesome way.

What’s awesome? A month’s worth of vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes in the New York Times. The first day includes recipes from Nava Atlas’s new holiday cookbook with gorgeous photos by Susan of Fat Free Vegan. If your family thinks vegan food is sad salad and weird processed “meats,”, wow them with Coconut Butternut Squash Soup and Seven Vegetable Couscous.

Graphics by Herbivore Clothing Company

Also awesome is buying gifts from vegan businesses. The folks at Herbivore Clothing want you to support small vegan businesses, and they’ve made some graphics so you can display your love for gifts with a conscience.

Don’t know where to buy awesome gifts from awesome vegan businesses? The Vegan Mofo blog has a few suggestions. And bonus? They’re going to keep blogging roundups of vegan blogs. Go Team Vegan MoFo!

If none of those do the trick for you, I can always find something awesome at the Vegan Etsy Shop.

Also awesome is adopting a Turkey instead of eating one. Farm Sanctuary has a well-know and well-loved turkey adoption program, though I’ll be sponsoring a turkey through Sunny Day Farms myself.

Chocolate Silk Pie cups at the Halloween Night of Indulgence

And finally, awesome eats. Thanks to the Texas Cottage Industry law, Kristen of the blog Sugar-Skull will be making Thanksgiving pies. I’ve already ordered two. Anyone lucky enough to go to the VRA Halloween Indulgence party thrown by the wonderful Chris and Crystal of Food for Lovers Queso will know that the chocolate silk pie is decadent. We tasted mini versions of the pie at the dessert table. It’s the kind of dessert you take a few memorable bites of before regretfully pushing away the rest because it’s just that rich.

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