Moses Falafel

2012 is starting out with as much momentum as 2011. No sooner do I brag about the ten new veg restaurants in Texas in 2011, than I read about the opening of a new vegan* and kosher falafel cart opening at the Dell Jewish center. Moses Falafel will serve Israeli-style falafel, which is a bit different from the Lebanese, Persian, and Greek styles commonly available in Austin. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll have the tiny Israeli pickled cucumbers I know and love. [Aside: these are the pickles I’m talking about. A friend occasionally sends me some, which I then hoard.] The cart’s Facebook page also announces that their falafel balls are now gluten-free. They also serve baklavah, which is dairy-free, but unfortunately not honey-free. Which also means the restaurant isn’t technically vegan. But whatever, new veg food cart!

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