Rabbit Food Grocery Virtually Opens. Literally.

Rabbit Food Grocery

Rabbit Food Grocery, Austin’s first and only all-vegan grocery store, opened virtual doors this week. Their ultimate goal is to have a brick-and-mortar store in Austin where you can buy everything your little vegan heart desires, from white chocolate chips to veganically-grown produce, without ever having to read a label. But finding a location, painting, and setting up all the doodads it takes to run a grocery store takes time. A lot of it. My friends* at RFG were anxious to start spreading some vegan love around Texas (and elsewhere), so they’ve opened up shop online for now.

So here’s why you should be excited (even those of you outside Austin). Rabbit Food Grocery knows what we want. All those little hard to get vegan goodies that you’ve been craving. And that’s what they’re focusing on for now.

To start with, vegan gum. As far as I know, Vegan Freak in Denton is the only other place in all of Texas that carries vegan gum. And I’m not driving that far! Soy curls (see my love letter from last week). Vegan pet food.

Vegan cheese. They’re the only place in Austin carrying Teese, that I know of. And they have Sheese. Sheese, y’all! Cheese that I’ll happily eat on a cracker or crumbled on a salad. Unmelted (which is good since it doesn’t really melt.) So far I’ve only had the blue cheese, which is fabulous and not moldy. If anyone had the blue cheese salad dressing at Counter Culture’s wine and cheez night, I’m pretty sure Sheese is what Sue used to make that.

RFG also carries baking mixes, Mimic Cream coffee creamer ( haven’t seen this anywhere else in Austin yet, though I haven’t looked really hard), Speculoos spread, Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (in the style of Nutella), and lots of other things you probably didn’t realize you were missing. And they’ll be adding more items to their inventory.

For now, RFG will be delivering locally to drop off locations at vegetarian restaurants in Austin, free of charge. Check their calendar for locations and times. Otherwise, you can have things shipped. At the moment, they’re not shipping refrigerated or frozen items. But, one day they will, and this is where you should get excited if you live elsewhere in Texas. Because you’re close to Austin, packages will ship quickly, which means you won’t have to pay super expensive overnight shipping charges to buy refrigerated items. (Note, this is speculation based on my ordering from other vegan places. I don’t know how they plan to handle cold shipping yet.)

*Obligatory statement: The owners are friends of mine and great people. They didn’t ask me to write this or compensate me in any way.

5 thoughts on “Rabbit Food Grocery Virtually Opens. Literally.

  1. Thanks for the great write up. We agreed to pay you in Sheese, right? 😉

    We are happily accepting suggestions for hard to find vegan food and other items, so feel free to submit ideas to us anytime!

  2. Thanks so much, Molly!

    We’re very excited to finally get RFG launched. We are in a major growth phase and will be adding exciting new vegan products constantly! With the support of the vegan community, we will have a brick-and-mortar store in the near future. As Jessica said, please keep the suggestions coming!

  3. Rabbit Food Grocery is really doing something different and this will be really very popular as they are selling vegan grocery. They will surely get good response.

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