Animal Issues in Texas

By now you’ve surely heard about the pig slaughterhouse in Dallas that was dumping pig blood into a creek in a residential neighborhood via an underground pipe. This very serious violation was discovered by an amateur drone pilot. Really.

Apparently the blood is noticeable from Google Map images of the area. It’s amazing to think such a flagrant violation went on for so long unnoticed. ┬áIf the meatpacking plant cares so little for environmental regulations, you can imagine how they must treat the animals and their employees. The plant immediately responded by closing down.


Last night, 60 Minutes did a segment on exotic animal “ranches” in Texas where animals from Africa are kept and selectively hunted for a huge amount of money. Priscilla Ferral from Friends of Animals gives the animal rights perspective in the link below:

Priscilla Ferral on 60 Minutes

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