Red Hot Vegans

The adorable Red Hot Vegans logo

Red Hot Vegans, a new Austin blog, launched yesterday. It’s a community blog modeled after Vegansaurus. It sounds like they have a good variety of contributors lined up, so there should be a nice mix of the Austin vegan community, which includes activists, healthy eaters, and vegans just looking for the next tasty donut.

I’m especially excited to see their calendar page, which has events from all the vegan groups in Austin. The calendar is courtesy of Brendan, master of the biannual Gathering of the Tribes.  A community calendar like this has long been needed, and it’s exciting to see that there’s an event going on almost every day.

One thought on “Red Hot Vegans

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! You’re always so up to date on events – if you ever find a vegan-friendly event that you don’t see on our calendar, be sure to let me/Brendan know :)

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