Austin: BBQ Vegan pizza

Vegan pizza from Hoboken Pie in Austin. Photo by mollyjade

Vegan Pizza Day in Austin was a huge success. Thanks to Kristen at Capital City Bakery for hosting, and the folks at Red Hot Vegans for facilitating everything. Hoboken Pie made three special kinds of pizza for the event. The one on top is the Red Hot Butcher with Field Roast sausage, Yves pepperoni, and Daiya cheese. The one at the bottom is Vegan BBQ pizza with BBQ sauce base, Daiya cheese, seitan, red onions, jalapeƱos, and cilantro. There was also a pizza with tofu ricotta that is not pictured because ricotta is gross and does not belong on food (opinions cited belong to me only, but you know you agree).

Today is Wednesday, July 18, which means you have two weeks left to try the Vegan BBQ pizza at Hoboken Pie. It’s one of their specials for the month of July. Though Daiya is always available. Go buy a pie and support vegan specials!


Suggestion has been made that there needs to be a Vegan Tot Day. Get to it, people! I’ll bring tater tot salad, and the Food for Lovers can bring Totchos. Think of the possibilities.

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