Vegan Pizza in Texas

Cartoon by Matthew Diffee

So I get this cartoon. Really. Texas is a wasteland of BBQ and chicken fried steak. Except it isn’t, exactly. Don’t get me wrong. You can drive along miles and miles of highway seeing signs advertising brisket and chicken fried chicken, and Texas isn’t exactly known for its fresh produce or vegetarian cuisine. But this cartoon always makes me a little wistful, because people who think like this are missing out on some great vegan pizza.

Here in Austin you can find vegan New York-style, deep dish, Detroit-style, Italian wood oven-baked, and French bread pizzas, among the many many options. That’s a lot of vegan pizza.

So partly in honor of this cartoon and partly in honor of the fact that “vegan pizza in _____” is always one of my top search terms, here are links to vegan pizzas around Texas.

Austin, by Red Hot Vegans
Dallas-Fort Worth, by Dallas Vegan
Houston by Vegan Houston
San Antonio: Fraolo’s Art of Pizza and ZPizza via San Antonio Vegans


I have a few favorite vegan pizzas in Austin that didn’t make the Red Hot Vegans list. The Spicy Vegan at Brick Oven on 35th (not to be confused with Brick Oven) for some reason doesn’t get much love. Maybe because there’s no cheese on the pizza. But there’s chipotle pesto, which I think is even better. FYI you can also get the chipotle pesto on pasta (ask for no cream).

Sagra also makes some great vegan pizzas, and recently they started making pistachio cheese for their vegan pies. The pizzas are Italian-style, not the Italian-American pizzas which are the norm in the U.S., which means you get more creative vegetable toppings including arugula, truffle oil, and asparagus. Their menu changes seasonally.

7 thoughts on “Vegan Pizza in Texas

  1. I’m with you on pesto > vegan cheese. I am glad there is so much vegan pizza out there these days. I feel like the last time I blogged about it there were around 5. Hopefully by next year I will be saying that about vegan barbecue :)

  2. I found this blog because I Google searched the term “vegan Texas”. I was just thinking that Texas wouldn’t exactly be the most vegan-friendly place in the world, so I got curious. Of course, I was reminded of Austin, which seems like a pretty groovy, happenin’ place. It’s good to know that if I’m ever in Texas, I won’t starve!

    All the best from a vegan in Melbourne, Australia!

  3. I saw all the blogs you follow on your profile — and I am aware that you give good info to vegans traveling in Texas. People like you should have a face book page — then when one of those blogs you follow make a good recipe, you copy the address – put it on your Face book page and all the other FB vegans will grab it and share it all over the web. We are growing into a large group and eventually will be able to influence the cooking channel to air vegans.

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