Rumor Mill: New Restaurants

Source: Tarrytown Facebook page

A few new vegan-friendly restaurants are slated to open in Texas this Fall. Austin Java is opening a new all-vegetarian location in Tarrytown, Austin. The coffee shop is in the strip mall owned by Jeanne Daniels, whose efforts to keep the shopping center cruelty free have received a large amount of press and vitriolic criticism. The coffee shop will serve dairy and eggs, but not meat. Austin Java’s current menu is only moderately vegan friendly, including hummus, veggie chorizo tacos, and a Thai noodle salad. Hopefully this new location will have a few more vegan options (I’m crossing my fingers for pancakes.)

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The Steeping Room, another vegan-friendly spot in Austin will be opening a new location on Lamar where Get Sum Dim Sum used to be located. (No news yet on a new location for Get Sum Dim Sum, but they’re still serving dim sum at Satay occasionally.) Steeping Room is a tea shop that serves breakfast, sandwiches, and salads. They have vegan scones, french toast, tofu scramble, and a number of other clearly-marked vegan items. Since the original location is in the Domain, this new location will have better parking and be more appealing to anyone who gets itchy just thinking about the lifestyle the Domain represents.

Macadamia nut cheese. Source: The Green Ingredient Eatery

And finally, I received news recently that El Paso would be getting its first all-vegetarian restaurant, the Green Ingredient Eatery. [Note: what’s with all the veg restaurants with green in their names?] Unfortunately, it looks like that’s an exaggeration. After corresponding with the restaurant owners, I found that they will be serving chicken and fish. Their focus is on healthy food, with a large amount of “raw food dishes, vegan and vegetarian.”¬†Oh well. I’m still hopeful about that macadamia nut cheese on their Facebook page. Even if it’s not vegetarian, veg folks in El Paso will enjoy having more easily accessible vegetarian and vegan options.

As always, if you have a tip about a new vegan-friendly restaurant in Texas, you can let me know at lonestarplate (at) gmail (dot) com.

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