Bullet Point Updates

I seem to be having a bit of writer’s block, but there’s so much I need to tell you about. Here’s a quick peek at what’s been going on in Texas lately.

  • Sunny Day Farms is having an open farm day on Saturday, March  2, from 11 AM to 3 PM. Lunch will be served by Vegeria with all proceeds going back to the animal sanctuary. Check out the Facebook page for the event because there are some great activities planned. Setting up a visit at the farm can be a bit difficult because their tiny volunteer staff is so busy taking care of the animals, so take advantage of this!
  • The all-vegetarian Austin Java has been open a few weeks now. They’re having some growing pains figuring out the new menu (pdf) and educating their staff about the vegan options. But that’s good news for you because they’re offering half-price entrees from 5 PM to close. So stop by, try the food, and give some helpful feedback on how they can improve things. Everyone’s a winner! My review (or preview, really) of this place is coming soon.
  • Green Seed Vegan in Houston is already planning a second brick-and-mortar location. They’re polling on Facebook to see where people would like the next location to be (Houston-area only).
  • Planning is started on Austin’s World-Wide  Vegan Bake Sale. Let me know if you’ve started planning anywhere else in the state.
  • Texas VegFest has announced the speakers for this year’s festival. Isa Chandra Moskowitz is back, and I’m excited to see Colleen Patrick-Goudreau speak (or at least the video afterwards since I’ll be busy volunteering at the festival).
  • Ramen, ramen everywhere. Michi Ramen in Austin (operated by the same folks who run the vegetarian Good to Go Burgers) has a vegan ramen vegetarian ramen (turns out the noodles have egg). Ramen Tatsu-ya (also Austin) is also experimenting with vegetarian ramens and plans to add one to the menu permanently once they’ve got the details ironed out.
  • Sweet Ritual has hard-pack ice cream. They’re still playing around with the recipe to get it just right.

2 thoughts on “Bullet Point Updates

  1. Ooh, thanks for the veggie-ramen info. I’ve been wanting to get a big bowl of noodle soup, and all the other ramen places seem to have pork broth. I’ll have to try Michi.

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