Review: SoyGo Coffee Creamer

SoyGo Coffee Creamer hanging out in my desk drawer pantry at work

For a few years, it’s been my dream to assemble a small kit that will give me the superpower to be able to get a decent vegan meal at (almost) any restaurant. One of the things that’s been holding me back was coffee. I’m a firm believer in a good beverage being a big part of a satisfying meal. Especially since I can’t drink much juice or alcohol for health reasons, I hate being stuck drinking water or something else plain while everyone else has super fancy drinks. Makes me grumpy.

I’m really lucky that in Austin, it’s rare to find a restaurant where I can’t get at least soy milk for my coffee. A lot of places even carry almond milk or, my top choice, soy creamer. But when I’m on the road or at the occasional chain restaurant with family, sometimes I’m stuck drinking my coffee black. I don’t entirely object to black coffee. The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had was a black cup of coffee while traveling pregan. But Denny’s coffee? I’d rather not.

SoyGo Powdered coffee creamer has been around for years, but it got rotten reviews. It clumped up or wouldn’t mix in to the coffee. But recently they reformulated and Rabbit Food Grocery started carrying it. I screwed up the courage to try it. To truly test its powers, I stopped to pick up a cup of coffee from a gas station. And I really liked it. The creamer blended in nicely, though you definitely need to stir or you’ll end up with sludge at the bottom of your cup. It whitened the coffee and mellowed any bitterness. Soy creamer is still my favorite (Organic Valley > Wildwood > Silk > So Delicious). But the powder is nice to carry in my purse for the occasional waiting room coffee emergency.

So finally the last piece of equipment for my superpower is ready. Middle of nowhere cafes, here I come!


This review was not solicited by SoyGo or Rabbit Food Grocery nor was I compensated. I paid for all products mentioned.

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