Vegan Hot Dog at Ballpark in Arlington

Vegan hot dog at Ballpark in Arlington. Photo by mollyjade

Be prepared for a long walk if you want to try the vegan (and gluten-free) hot dog at the Ballpark in Arlington. The dogs are sold at the Centerfield Marketplace. A lot of online sources say it’s located in section 131, but this isn’t true. The nice usher at section 131 sounded like he was used to the question. The Centerfield Marketplace is in restaurant location 131, which doesn’t mean anything to customers. It’s a numbering system used by Ballpark facilities management. The important thing to listen to is “Centerfield” Marketplace. It’s located near, ta da!, centerfield on the ground level.

Vegan hot dogs at Ballpark in Arlington. Photo by mollyjade

The Centerfield Marketplace is a small convenience store with healthier and gluten-free food. On one side are refrigerated cases with prepared foods and beverages. On the other side is a rolling hot dog warmer filled with smart dogs. Isn’t America a wonderful place? We snagged a fruit cup from the refrigerated case along with our hot dog.

Fruit cup at Ballpark in Arlington. Photo by mollyjade

Unless you have seats on the ground level, grab your food before you find your seats. The elevators only go up for the first innings, and it’s a lot of work to get back to ground level once you’ve gone up. Back at our seats, I bit into my hot dog loaded with ketchup and mustard and watched the Rangers hit a grand slam. It felt just like watching a game in the nosebleed seats as a kid. I loved it.

8 thoughts on “Vegan Hot Dog at Ballpark in Arlington

  1. So glad I found this post! My lil gluten free vegan is heading to a game tomorrow night with his daddy. We’re in from San Antonio and have been a little disappointed at our GF vegan options. Where do you y’all get bread?!?! So far, we’ve eaten a frozen burrito and Amy’s mac & cheese.

    • Hi Amy, I’m not gluten-free and I don’t live in Arlington currently. But I would check Kroger’s for gluten-free vegan bread. They tend to have the best selection. There’s also Whole Foods in North Arlington.

  2. I went to Opening Day yesterday and attempted to buy a veggie dog at the Centerfield Marketplace. They had the same setup as in the photo posted above. However, when I asked the young man about the hot dogs, he told me that he did not believe they are vegetarian as the box they came in were labeled “uncured beef”. He said he felt they referred to them as “veggie dogs” because the uncured beef is healthier! I was appalled. I sincerely hope that no vegetarians/vegans are eating these thinking that they are meat-free. If you go to the Centerfield Marketplace, ask to see the box the hot dogs came in. Good luck!

    • The ones I ate were definitely at least vegetarian. They had the classic plastic look and taste. (Veggie dogs are all about the toppings, in my opinion.)

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