Not-a-Taco-Post: Capital City Bakery Kickstarter


Capital City Bakery candycane cupcake

I’m taking a quick break from talking about tacos to talk about how awesome Capital City Bakery is. (Don’t worry, I’m still eating tacos. Chickpea salad on flour tortilla for lunch.)

Capital City Bakery is where I get my birthday cakes, Purim hamentaschen, and bad-day-at-work cupcakes. Even before the trailer landed in Austin, Cap City’s founder Kristen has been a vital part of Austin bake sales and fundraisers. And now that she’s moving into a brick-and-mortar location, I know she’ll only expand her community involvement. (I’ve heard rumors about cooking classes and brunch.)


Cherry cheese cake

The reason why my friend Kristen is so successful is that she’s a perfectionist. Everything she makes is so damn good because she wouldn’t let it out of her kitchen if it weren’t. So it’s not really a surprise or “magic” that her vegan cupcakes taste awesome. It’s hard work and fat and sugar. And the tasty instagram photos don’t hurt.

Capital City Bakery is 94% percent of the way through a kickstarter to help raise money for baking equipment. You only have about a week left to feel that sense of pride from contributing to make something wonderful happen. So if you have a spare $5, send it their way.


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