So long Stella…

It was nice reading your posts here, but since you’ve decided to eat animals and animal products again, I suppose you won’t be blogging here anymore. (You do know, there are delicious ways to eat a vegan diet without having food trucked in from across the country… Just look at how the folks at Casa de Luz serve food… LOCAL, ORGANIC, MACRO…. and no animals had to die, whether “painlessly” or not. )

In any case, I know your decision must have been a difficult one. As was my decision to become vegan more than a decade ago, against the wishes of my parents and friends. You will run into some flack for this, and you know that already. But I want you to know, that the vegans of Tejas will be waiting here with open arms, if and when you decide that you CAN have a sustainable diet without eating animals.
Good luck, and we are truly sorry to see you go.