World-Wide Vegan Bake Sale 2013

Savory Vegan Cornbread

Savory Vegan Cornbread. On the left, Zucchini Corn Bread veganized from this recipe. On the right, Corn Bread with Fennel Seeds and Currants veganized from this recipe.

It’s spring, and that means bake sale season! Let’s start the season right with World-Wide Vegan Bake Sales. Texas is hosting seven eight sales this year, including multiple in Austin and Houston. See below for a full list of Texas sales and info on how to participate.

I’ll be baking for the Austin sale at Monkey Wrench this Saturday. I’ve come into a motherlode of Dandies (that’s vegan marshallows), and despite my friends’ recommendations to EAT THEM ALL, I’ll be baking with at least some of them. I’m thinking chocolate-dipped marshmallow pops and some kind of cookie bar. Have you decided what to bake? I’ve been gathering some ideas over on Pinterest, if you’re still deciding.

A few bake sale tips:

  • Start with a clean kitchen
  • Individually wrap each item
  • Make it cute. Cute items bring in more money. Look for fun bake sale wrappers at a craft store.
  • Label your baked goods with their name and major allergens. (Think soy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts.)
  • Don’t neglect savory. I like to make corn bread with savory herbs and dried fruit.

2013 Texas World-Wide Vegan Bake Sales


Friday, April 26, 10 AM to 1 PM
UTA Central Library Mall
Benefiting Promise Worldwide
Sign up hereĀ 


Sunday April 28, 11 AM to 2 PM
Sign up here
Sunday, April 28, 11 AM to 2 PM
Sign up here


Saturday, May 4, 12 PM to 4 PM
Sign up here


Saturday, April 20, 9 AM to 1 PM
Union Plaza District


Saturday, April 13, 3 PM to 9 PM
Unitarian Fellow Ship of Houston Spring Music Festival
Benefitting VegFest Houston
Saturday, April 27, 5 PM to 8 PM
Reception Hall at K.C.E.L Church
Benefitting VegFest Houston


Wednesday, April 24, 4 PM to 8 PM

Sunday: Austin and Dallas

Texans, you have some hard choices to make this Sunday. Dallas or Austin. Fried food or baked goods. Puppies or Gene Baur. Texas State Veggie Fair or Austin Bake Sale for SARA.

This is the third Texas State Veggie Fair, and it’s looking to be a great event. Lots of great speakers, music, and vegan food. This is the first year I’m able to go to the State Veggie Fair, and I’m really looking forward to trying new foods and meeting new people. On my to do list, Ginny Messina, Zombie’s Food Truck, and jugglers.

For people in Austin, the bake sale for SARA is the place to be. SARA is an animal shelter that cares for animals that often can’t be placed elsewhere very easily. Their specialty is old, sick, or abused dogs. They shelter more than 800 dogs, cats, and farm animals.

Lazy Smurf organized this bake sale when she heard that SARA was in danger of losing its electricity (a big deal in a steaming hot Texas summer). Let me tell you, if you’re ever in need of fundraising, get Lazy Smurf on your side. She plans wonderful events and can sell the hell out of a vegan cookie. There’s still time to sign up for the bake sale, or, if you’re not up to baking, come buy lots of goodies. The sale will be Sunday, October 21, from 2 to 5 PM at Counter Culture.

Austin Bakes for Bastrop: Sign Up Now!

Doggie Biscuits at the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in 2009. Photo by dontloseyourlunch. Licensed under creative commons

Vegan bakers, mobilize! The seven bake sale locations to raise money for Bastrop fire victims have been announced, and they’re taking baked good pledges now. I want to see vegan baked goods at all seven locations!

A deal has been worked out so that any leftover vegan baked goods will be transported to the Gathering of the Tribes later that same day for a post-sale bake sale. So even if you’re not baking, the bake sale will come to you. But seriously, bake something.

Tomato Rosemary Scones at Tacoma Vegan Bake Sale in 2011. Photo by Roxanne Cooke. Licensed under creative commons

Baked goods should be individually packaged as cutely as possible (we’re pulling for big bucks here!) and labeled as vegan. The label should also include your name and blog/twitter.

Bake sales will all be from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, October 1. The Gathering of the Tribes is at 5 PM that same day. Sign up here to bake something.

Sunny Days in Texas

I am so excited to announce the release of our Texas fundraiser zine, Sunny Days in Texas. The zine is part of a massive effort to raise money for Sunny Day Farms, which is struggling with the recent drought and extreme heat and the rising cost of hay. I’m so excited to be able to help the animals at Sunny Day.

My recipe for jackfruit brisket is in Sunny Days in Texas. Photo by mollyjade. Licensed under creative commons

But I’m also excited about the recipes in the zine. There’s King Ranch Casserole submitted by Chris and Crystal of Food for Lovers, Ranch dressing from Spiral Diner in DFW, and, most exciting of all, the first-time-ever release of the Wheatsville Coop popcorn tofu. Popcorn tofu is so popular, it has its own fan page on Facebook. There are a total of 30 recipes from vegan bloggers and restauranteurs including Lazy Smurf, Sue at Counter Culture, Krys of Two Vegan Boys, Wes, Natala of Vegan Hope, Spiral Diner, Christy Morgan, author of Blissful Bites, Ariane Leverett of Vegan Food Porn, Mo of Mo Betta Vegan, Kristen of Sugar Skull, Kristen of Tree Wool Knits, Wheatsville Coop, and myself.

The zine will be available at Vida Vegan Con and also at the bake sale at Monkey Wrench books this Saturday. Eventually it will be available for order online as well.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the zine, and a special giant thanks to Lazy Smurf for putting it together!

Other ways you can help Sunny Day. Donate directly to their hay bale challenge. Buy something at Vida Vegan Con from Panda with Cookie and part of the proceeds will go to Sunny Day. Sponsor Team Sunny Day at the San Antonio Marathon. Or buy baked goods at the bake sale this Saturday.

Sunny Day Farms Fundraisers

Photo from Sunny Day Farms Facebook page

When the drought and heat start affecting our animals friends, what do we do? Roll up our sleeves and bake!

A bake sale benefiting the animals at Sunny Day Farms will be Saturday, August 27, from noon to 6PM at Monkey Wrench Books at 110 E North Loop. You can sign up to bake something vegan or volunteer to table on this google spreadsheet. At the same time, Sue at Counter Culture, just a few doors down from Monkey Wrench books, will be donating 10% of the day’s sales to Sunny Day. So grab a salad or sandwich before heading to Monkey Wrench for dessert. Not a baker? Come buy some goodies and spread the word about the bake sale on Facebook.


Lots of other efforts to raise money for Sunny Day are in the works, too. There’s a group running in the San Antonio marathon in November (respect) looking for sponsors and runners.

And a group of people who will be out of town for the bake sale are putting together a zine of Texas recipes. More on this soon.

The bar has been raised. What are YOU doing to help feed the animals at Sunny Day?

What You Can Do For Veganism

Hey, you! Yeah, you there in your flip flops and pajamas. (Still? At this time of the day?) You in the small town or the vegan-unfriendliest city on the planet. There are lots of new vegan initiatives that need your participation.

We’ve talked a lot about the awesomeness of vegan bake sales on Lone Star Plate. About how they create community and share veganism on the nicest terms possible. The idea of small-scale community activism is taking off. Read on for what you can do to spread a little vegan love around your community.

The first new movement is the vegan bake sale shrunk down to the size of your kitchen. Or something. Gary of Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale wants you to bake or cook something tasty and vegan for your neighbor. And that’s it. Wrap it up pretty and take your casserole or cookies over to your neighbors (you’ve been meaning to meet them, right?). Tell them it was baked with vegan love. Or, at least that you made it for them, and, by the way, it’s vegan.

Gary is calling this Neighborhood Vegan Food Sharing Week. NVFSW takes place June 18 to June 25. That’s this weekend. Gary also thinks it would be neat if you bought food to your office this week. Other than needing a snappier name (veganhood? Who Are the Vegans in Your Neighborhood?), this is super easy outreach for anyone who has a kitchen and fellow human beings nearby. You can “like” the Facebook page and share in the comments what you’re making for your neighbors or coworkers.

The next initiative is Gary’s too. He’s full of awesome ideas. And, I imagine, vegan cupcakes. For this one you don’t even have to leave your house, which is great for hermits like me. Gary is calling it “Veganizing, submitting, and commenting on recipes in non-vegan food sites”. The name. I know. But stick with me here.

This is just what you think it is. Become part of a large online food community (Gary suggests All Recipes, Mixing Bowl, or Taste of Home. But any food site should work.), write about recipes or comment on other’s recipes, and just be your awesome vegan self. I especially like this because I can pretend that all those hours I’ve spent on The Kitchn, Serious Eats, and Chow now count as vegan outreach instead of procrastination. Score!

This takes a little more finesse than you might expect at first. You can’t just vegan bomb these sites. You need to actually become a member of the community, read and interact with folks. Don’t make vegan spam, folks! Gary has set up a Facebook page for this as well, and you can also read a post he wrote about this on Our Hen House.

The final idea is the easiest of them all since someone else is going to do the work. The fabulous Gabrielle Pope and Panda Cookie are starting a blog about YOU. They want to highlight all the awesome vegan outreach and animal volunteerism of ordinary people in ordinary places. And their blog has a pretty great name, too: Vegans on the Move.

From their blog:

Our theory is that no action is too small. We want to know about the every day vegan on the street who is advocating for the animals, fostering community and putting out some positive goodwill to spread the vegan word. Do you host a vegan potluck every month in Columbus, OH? We want to know. We know that vegans come in all shapes and sizes and locations and we want to present evidence that we are everywhere and that even a small action is important.

This is more or less why I write for Lone Star Plate, so I’m down with this. I know lots of folks who write about vegan food in Houston or New Orleans, convince burrito shops to expand their vegan options, and plan bake sales at the drop of a hat, all great candidates for Vegans on the Move. 

Follow-up: Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale 2011

All five Texas Worldwide Vegan Bake Sales took place this weekend. Don’t they look fabulous?

El Paso raised $400 for Animal Rescue League! Among the other goodies were these tasty-looking pumpkin spice cupcakes. Photo by El Paso Veg Snob
Box of goodies at the Dallas bake sale. Rumor is the kolaches were a big hit. Dallas raised over $2500 for Direct Relief International in Japan. Photo by sunnybear
Donuts and chocolate cookies flew off the table at the Austin sale. Austin raised over $1000 for Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary. That’s enough money to pay for half a month’s food for the over 300 animals at the farm. Photo by Come and Fake It
The Vegan Society of Peace bake sale raised $811 for VegFest Houston, Food for Life Global, and Kinship Circle. Way to go Houston! I haven’t heard back from San Antonio yet. Green, how’d y’all do?

In total, Worldwide Vegan Bake Sales in Texas raised nearly $5000 for seven charities. This is the most successful year yet!

UPDATE: Green sold 163 desserts and donated $1 from each dessert sale to SARA. News is their desserts were just voted 3rd best in all of San Antonio by San Antonio Current readers. Awesome!

5 Texas Vegan Bake Sales THIS WEEKEND

NYC vegan bake sale in 2010. Photo by wools. Licensed under creative commons

There’s a fantastic write up of Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in CNN’s Eatocracy today. Be sure to check out the slide show with great vegan recipes and photos.

And visit your local vegan bake sale this weekend! Eat yummy food, spread the vegan word, and raise some money for some great organizations.
Saturday, April 30
Sunday, May 1

2011 Austin Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Do you live in Austin? Do you like to bake cookies? Do you like to eat cookies? Do you like photos of cute rescued farm animals?

Donkeys at Sunny Day Farm Animal Sanctuary. Photo by Ross Abel

Austin is throwing a Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale to raise funds for these adorable animals at Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary in LaCoste, Texas. The sale will be May 1, from noon to 6 PM at Monkey Wrench Books on North Loop, near Counter Culture. Thank you to the folks at Monkey Wrench for letting our community use the space. Monkey Wrench is a cooperatively run bookstore, and their animal rights and vegan cookbook sections have a lot of great books you won’t find anywhere else.

Austinites, we need your help! Sign up to bake something. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about the bake sale. Send them photos of adorable mud-covered pigs and say you won’t stop until they are passed out in a sugary coma.

This pig is not passed out in a sugary coma. You can visit him and the other animals at Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary in LaCoste, Texas, just outside San Antonio. Photo by Ross Abel

Sign up to attend or bake for the Austin sale on the Facebook page. There are now five Worldwide Vegan Bake Sales in Texas, in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio. Sign up to help at any of them, or start your own.