New Vegan Option at Pita Pit

Black bean patty wrap. Image from Pita Pit

Someone on Vegans Rock Austin linked to this article about Pita Pit in the Washington, D.C. Examiner. The article, which reads like a barely rewritten press release, announces a vegan black bean patty at all Pita Pit locations. Besides the awesome news about new vegan options, the article makes a great point that vegan food is becoming available at more and more mainstream restaurants, including Chipotle, zpizza, PF Changes, and Denny’s (Anyone know what’s vegan at Denny’s?).

I know fast food and chain restaurants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t think they’ll be completely disappearing anytime soon. So it’s great news that there are healthier and animal cruelty-free options at more and more of these fast food and fast casual restaurants. And it’s good to have another vegan option when traveling in unfamiliar places, too.

Locally, Pita Pit has locations in Houston, Austin, College Station, and Denton.

EDIT: Reading comprehension failure. I totally missed that this was a Compassion Over Killing project. Major kudos COK!

Printed Vegetarian Guide to Austin

VegAustin and Compassion Over Killing have brought out a print edition of their great Austin Vegetarian Restaurant Guide. This guide is perfect for anyone visiting Austin or just beginning to explore the great veg options in Austin. I know most of my favorites are in there (Titayas! Conscious Cravings!) The guide clearly points out vegan options. And it’s pretty, too!

Order a free guide here, check out a pdf, or explore the more extensive online guide here.