Plant-Based Diet Workshop

Broccoli by Daphne Cheng. Licensed under creative commons from Vegan Stock Photo

My biggest criticism of Forks Over Knives was that it didn’t address the how of switching to a plant-based diet. Well, if you’ve got a bit of money and a spare weekend, you can get some hands on training from some of the health professionals featured in the movie.

Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and a whole host of other no-oil, plant-based diet folks will be hosting a weekend “immersion” with hands on information about what to eat, how to shop and cook, and how to deal with social situations. You’ll also get to taste lots of yummy foods that fit with the lifestyle at each meal.

Natala Constantine of Vegan Hope has described some of these immersions to me before, and they sound like an inspiring and informative experience. Previously, they’ve been limited to Whole Foods employees, but this one is open to the general public.

The immersion will be the weekend of August 26 to 28 in Marshall, Texas, which is just east of Louisiana in North Texas. The cost is $175 for one person or $300 for a couple. That includes meals for the weekend, but not accommodations. More details on their website.

Marshall, Texas, is mostly known for the easy drive over the border to Shreveport, Louisiana for some poker or slots. Just be warned that you’ll have to put up with lots of cigarette smoke and don’t expect to find any healthy food.

EDIT: In the comments, someone says there will be an immersion in Austin this September. I couldn’t find any details, but I’ll update if I find more information.

Greenling + Engine 2 Diet = Happy Lazy Healthy People

All you folks in San Antonio and Austin thinking of improving your diet after seeing Forks Over Knives, it just got a little easier. Organic delivery service Greenling has teamed up with the Engine 2 Diet folks to offer a recipe basket with all the ingredients needed for five recipes from Rip’s book. Most of the stuff is even pre-measured. How easy is it that?*

The recipes are for one of the two baskets are Sweet Potato Lasagna, Black Beans and Rice with Vegetable Relish, Confetti Couscous with Seasonal Mixed Vegetables, Two Bean Chili, and Jammin’ Burritos. It should feed 2 people for each meal. I’m guessing you’d have some leftovers to take for lunches as well.

If you haven’t explored Greenling before, they deliver groceries to your door, and there’s no delivery fee. A minimum order is $25. They focus on organic and local products, and they have lots of “baskets” set up to help you shop quickly, like the Engine 2 basket above. Ordering their local produce box is like joining a CSA, but without the commitment. And there’s a “vegan” filter when you shop so you don’t have to wade through photos of meat and dairy when you’re looking for your locally-made tofu. In other words, they’re pretty neat.**

*I’m channeling Ina Garten today! Dinner will be served in the garden with matching napkins and just-clipped flowers.

**Obligatory disclaimer. I have an account with Greenling, but have never ordered from them. And this blog post was in no way solicited from Greenling nor will I be compensated for it.

October Engine 2 Potluck – TONIGHT at Whole Foods Market

From the Engine 2 Blog

Join us this Wednesday, October 28 @ 6:30 PM

We have accepted the generous invitation of Whole Food’s CEO John Mackey to host this month’s potluck on the 2nd floor outdoor plaza of Whole Foods Global HQ (on 5th & Lamar), to coincide with a food science seminar that Whole Foods is hosting that day. We have invited some of the nation’s great plant-strong leaders to join us for dinner, thoughts, and to meet the Austin plant-strong community. Featured potential guests will include Colin Campbell (author of The China Study), John Robbins (author of The Food Revolution), John McDougall, Antonia Demas, Caldwell & Ann Esselstyn and Neal Barnard.

Wednesday, October 28th, 6:30pm at WFM 2nd floor outdoor patio. Bring your best dishes – the world will be there eating your masterpieces! Your children are welcome, and there is an incredible outdoor playground immediately next to the Potluck.

In addition, Rip will be showcasing his powerful & compelling Engine 2 “Plant-Strong” presentation at 5:30 in the Southwest Conference Room (accessible off of the upstairs plaza) inside of Whole Foods. If you have never seen what America is seeing from Rip each and every time he hits the road, come and find out what YOU are already a part of.

Join us!

The Engine 2 Team