Texas State Veggie Fair 2012 Recap

No fair is complete without a wristband! Source: mollyjade

I had a lovely time at Riverchon park on Sunday. The weather was beautiful, if a bit muggy, and the park was crowded with families. I couldn’t stay for long, so I focused on my goals. See Ginny Messina talk. Eat at Zombies food truck. See as much else as I could.

Ginny Messina with a sample vegan meal plan that incorporates Asian and Mediterranean food patterns. Source: mollyjade

Ginny’s talk was in the rec center gymnasium. There was a small crowd of people there to learn about vegan nutrition. A few take home messages: Make the majority of your diet fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and nuts. But, nothing plant-based should be off limits. To protect your bones, get enough calcium (same amount recommended to average American, 1000mg), get enough protein, and load up on fruits and vegetables. And, as always, anyone on a vegan or nearly vegan diet should make sure foods fortified with b-12 or b-12 supplements are a part of their routine.

Zombie's Food Truck. Source: mollyjade

Aftewards, I joined the long line for Zombie’s Food Truck. The line moved surprisingly fast. They had one or two people taking orders and money, and several others preparing food. Sadly, they were out of the dish I wanted, the Buffalo Joe. In fact, the person in front of me AND the person behind me tried to oder it, too! Just means we’ll all have to come back another time.

Source: mollyjade

Instead, I tried the Bratwurst plate: a handmade veggie bratwurst, potato salad, sauerkraut, and a roll. I’m not sure I’ve ever had German potato salad before (I know!), so I can’t say how this compares to traditional. It was a tad sweet, which surprised me, and the potato chunks were on the small size. The bratwurst was really good dipped in mustard. By far, the best part of the plate was the sauerkraut. I let my mom steal a bite, and she agreed. The roll was unfortunately a bit dry and bland, but I didn’t come to the Texas State Veggie Fair for plain bread. Instead, I saved room for samples.

My mom tried the PB Chocolate Crunch cupcake from Capital City Bakery and declared it better than both her birthday cakes from the day before. (Some birthdays call for two cakes.) But everyone knows vegan cupcakes are the gateway food.

Utpon's Naturals hickory seitan. Source: mollyjade

For the exhibitors, I loved the samples I tried from Tasty Bite. The portions were generous, which is good because I couldn’t get enough of the eggplant dish. They also had these neat little cardboard serving utensils which we all spent a few moments marveling over. Upton’s Naturals was sampling a new hickory smoked seitan. The seitan was really good, though if they’re going for a bacon imitation, the texture is not quite there. But this seitan would work perfectly in bean dishes.

It was a really nice event and I enjoyed overhearing people say things like “wait, this is vegan?” or “This is the best corndog I’ve ever had in my life.” Congrats, TSVF on a successful event!

World Vegetarian Block Party

Source: Green Vegetarian

What’s better than a vegan cupcake eating contest? A vegan cupcake eating contest followed by a vegan hotdog eating contest!

Green Vegetarian in San Antonio is throwing a block party for World Vegan Month on Sunday, September 30 from 3 PM to 7 PM. If you want to participate in either eating contest show up at 5 PM.

Besides watching people stuff their faces for the possibility of $100 gift certificate to Green and movie tickets, there will be music, drinks, kids’ activities, and a bake sale benefiting SARA.

Texas VegFest 2012 a Huge Success

A super huge thank you to everyone who came out to Texas VegFest this weekend! (And an extra big thank you to anyone who had to stand in line at all.) The other organizers and myself have been working our butts off for a year to make this happen, and it was everything we dreamed it would be.

Thanks to all our sponsors, speakers, vendors, and attendees! It couldn’t have happened without you. Since I was so personally involved in this, I’ll leave the reviewing to other people.







VegFest Houston This Saturday!

Flier for first VegFest Houston from Vegan Society of PEACE

My car is packed and I’m ready to drive to Houston for VegFest Houston! If you’re anywhere near Houston, you should join me. This is Houston’s first VegFest, thrown by Vegan Society of PEACE. Besides featuring a ton of local veg businesses, musicians, and health speakers, the event is in honor of Shirley Wilkes-Johnson, a wonderful vegan advocate who died this year. VegFest Houston runs Saturday, June 11, from 10 AM to 4 PM at Pecore Hall in St. Stephens, 1805 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098.

I’m looking forward to some Wayfare cheese and to finally trying some food from all the great new Houston vegan eateries, like Green Seed Vegan, Sinfull Bakery, and Radical Eats. A full list of vendors, speakers, and musicians can be found on the Society of PEACE’s website.
I’m especially interested since I’m one of the people helping to plan Texas VegFest in Austin. I hope I get lots of great ideas and inspiration. And of course, I want to meet all of you! If you see me, come introduce yourself. I look like this:

Molly at Texas Vegetarian Chili Cookoff. Photo by mollyjade. Licensed under creative commons

Austin Vegan Drinks

Share a few drinks (alcoholic and non) with like-minded folks, meet new friends, and even do a little networking while you’re at it. Bring your business cards, pamphlets, fliers, recipes or anything else you would like to share. There will also be prizes to win and plenty of free stuff to take away.

Oh, and there’s a great Vegan Drinks Special: $3 specialty bottled beers!

Hope to see you there for the premiere event!

First event: Thurs., Jan 7, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m
Where: Ginger Man at 301 Lavaca St. in Austin
Website: AustinVeganDrinks.com

Feel free to contact Daniela at Daniela@vegaustin.com with questions or if your organization or business is interested in teaming up with us to sponsor future events.


Rebel Roots Farm Party [Houston]

via Email:

On Saturday May 30, Rebel Roots, Houston’s very own worker owned and operated food co-op will be holding their first spring urban farm party at the Last Organic Outpost’s Emile St. Farm. Our main dishes will consist of Enchiladas, Ceviche, and Curry with Pasta Salad, Coleslaw, Spring Rolls, and Humus as sides. Your choice of Melon Juice, Strawberry Lemonade, and Mint Water will be served to wash down all that delicious food. As for desert, you will have to decide between sweet, tangy Lemon Bars and smooth, cool Jell-O. Food will be served from 4-7 pm (farming will be happening all day) and plates will be $8 with options for seconds, and an A La Cart Menu. As always we prepare cruelty free vegan/vegetarian food and all proceeds aid us in our goal to establish a community space that provides cheap vegan/vegetarian food to all people. Please bring your friends and family to join us at this dazzling agricultural hot spot for a day of food, fun, and farming! For directions on how to arrive at the Emile St. Farm visit www.lastorganicoutpost.org and if you have any questions/comments for Rebel Roots please contact us at Houston Food Coop at gmail dot com. See you all there!