Austin Humane Society Rescues 150 Dogs

One of the many dogs rescued by Austin Humane Society this week. Photo from Austin Humane Society

This is a heartbreaking story of more than 150 dogs who were kept in a Bastrop County home without spaying, neutering, adequate medical care, grooming, or clean living space. The couple keeping the dogs voluntarily gave them up to the Humane Society because they couldn’t care for them. Obviously.

Animal hoarding stories are so sad. It’s obviously a sickness on the part of the humans, and I know I feel helpless thinking about all the care needed for such a large number of animals. But, we can help. You can help. Donate money to provide for all these animals. Donate items such as dog crates, animal carriers, towels, or any of the items on the Austin Humane Society wish list. Donate your time. The Humane Society needs dog groomers, and, I imagine, vet care for all of these animals. And above all, always get your pets from a rescue and never from a pet store breeder. If you’ve been considering adopting a dog, now is the time.

UPDATE: Check out photos of the dogs on the Humane Society’s Facebook page.