Free Soyrizo Samples at HEB

Photo of panuchos topped with soyrizo from Lazy Smurf

Lent is a good time for the animals. Not only do many people go meatless* on Fridays, but a good number of people give up meat entirelyfor lent. (If you’ve arrived here by googling “vegan and lent”, Welcome, and yes, you can be vegan in Texas!)

With lent in mind, over a hundred HEBs across Texas will be giving away samples of food made with Frieda’s soyrizo Friday, April 1** from 10 AM to 5 PM. The samples will be entirely vegan. The stores include HEBs in cities that don’t get much vegan love, like Midland, Waxahachie, and Eagle Pass, as well as most urban areas. Ask in the comments if you want to know about a particular store.
Soyrizo is probably the most accessible meat alternative, especially if you’re Texan. It’s spicy, familiar, easy to cook with, and goes well with Tex-Mex and even Cajun food. This is a great time to bring your veg-curious friends grocery shopping with you. Give them a vegan tour of the grocery store and top it off with a soyrizo sample.
*Well, land-animal-less, at least.
**This is not an April Fool’s joke.