Vegan in Texas: Denton and Marshall

I’ve been slowly working on a vegan guide to Denton, similar to the one I did for Arlington, and finishing was today’s blog task. I was looking for more information about Fuzzy’s Tacos when I came upon a vegan guide to Denton written by someone from Denton. That wasn’t there a few weeks ago when I started! I’ve never been so happy to have someone scoop me. A guide written by someone actually living and eating in Denton is much better than anything I could have come up with.

If you’re looking at colleges and you’re vegan, I highly recommend you add University of North Texas to your short list. The vegan scene is growing so fast in Denton. In just the short past they’ve gotten a vegan store, a vegan coop, a vegan dining hall at UNT that made national headlines, and now there’s a guide to eating vegan in Denton. I hope this is only the beginning of a strong vegan community in Denton.


Another smallish-town in Texas is embracing a vegan lifestyle, too. While the scene in Denton is driven by a core of young people in and just out of college, the vegan community in Marshall is the result of the recent Get Healthy, Marshall initiative, led by the Esselstyns and some other folks. The whole town has banded together to improve their health. Restaurants are adding healthy vegan options to their menus and the library has a set of healthy vegan cookbooks now. For a town of about 20,000 people, five or six restaurants with good vegan options is a huge deal. Beyond restaurants, the group is also hosting movies, grocery store tours, and cooking classes. The Get Healthy, Marshall website is a great resource for anyone in the area.

Plant-Based Diet Workshop

Broccoli by Daphne Cheng. Licensed under creative commons from Vegan Stock Photo

My biggest criticism of Forks Over Knives was that it didn’t address the how of switching to a plant-based diet. Well, if you’ve got a bit of money and a spare weekend, you can get some hands on training from some of the health professionals featured in the movie.

Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and a whole host of other no-oil, plant-based diet folks will be hosting a weekend “immersion” with hands on information about what to eat, how to shop and cook, and how to deal with social situations. You’ll also get to taste lots of yummy foods that fit with the lifestyle at each meal.

Natala Constantine of Vegan Hope has described some of these immersions to me before, and they sound like an inspiring and informative experience. Previously, they’ve been limited to Whole Foods employees, but this one is open to the general public.

The immersion will be the weekend of August 26 to 28 in Marshall, Texas, which is just east of Louisiana in North Texas. The cost is $175 for one person or $300 for a couple. That includes meals for the weekend, but not accommodations. More details on their website.

Marshall, Texas, is mostly known for the easy drive over the border to Shreveport, Louisiana for some poker or slots. Just be warned that you’ll have to put up with lots of cigarette smoke and don’t expect to find any healthy food.

EDIT: In the comments, someone says there will be an immersion in Austin this September. I couldn’t find any details, but I’ll update if I find more information.