Houston Brunch Update

Remember I mentioned a bunch of new brunch options in Houston recently. Remember? Well, it looks like one of them turned out to be even more amazing than I expected. Check out this Houston Culture Map write-up of the first Radical Eats brunch buffet. Tamales, chiles rellenos, fried okra. And, bonus, it’s all gluten-free. The next brunch is this Sunday starting at 11 AM.

Radical Eats: Brick and Mortar Now

Amid all the fuss about Vegeria opening in San Antonio, Radical Eats quietly opened its doors in Houston. Radical Eats has been selling vegan tamales at farmers markets and coffee shops for a while now, but now they have settled into their own brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Radical Eats wants to fill everyone up with delicious vegetable-heavy food. And I think their new restaurant menu will be a great start. Besides the usual beans and rice you can get just about anywhere in Texas (not knocking beans and rice), they have a torta, baked chile relleno, a variety of tamales, and some house specialties like corn pudding with rajas (poblano strips) and avocado tart with avocado, cashew cheese, mango, pecans, tomatoes, and season vegetables. I’m also looking forward to the Brown Betty on the dessert menu, an old-fashioned dessert that I haven’t tried yet.

Congratulations on this new step, Radical Eats!