Houston: Green Seed Vegan

Vegan burger and sweet potato fries from Green Seed Vegan in Houston. Photo by Paul Galvani

Y’all, get a look at this burger. The vegan food truck trend has finally hit Houston. Green Seed Vegan is a vegan food truck near Texas Southern University. Their menu is split between cooked and raw food, and everything is 100% vegan. If you squint you can see the menu on their yelp page. (Psst, Green Seed Vegan, post your menu on your facebook and website, pretty please!)

The concept reminds me a bit of Counter Culture, though the menu offerings are completely different. Either way, it looks like they offer healthy food that still manages to be tasty and enticing. Check out this review on 29-95 and let me know what you think if you’ve been by.

VegAustin Meetup at Counter Culture: Return of the Quesadillas!

This Thursday at 6:30 PM, come meet and socialize with fellow veg*ns and supporters of VegAustin.com at Counter Culture, a trendy vegan & raw food trailer that’s bringing back its famous quesadillas as a special treat. Bring an appetite! For location and RSVP visit our Facebook event page here.

VegAustin.com is the vegan-friendly restaurant guide to Austin, maintained by the pro-veg advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing.

Other mouthwatering items include the Philly Seitan and Jackfruit BBQ sandwiches. Full menu here.

You’ll also get free vegan recipes and VegAustin bumper stickers. We want to make Austin as veg-friendly as possible but we need your ideas and participation. Hope to see you on Thursday!

Raw Austin Round-Up

I admit that I’m a deep-fried vegan, but seriously eating raw, or living foods, can be a real treat especially if you live in Austin. The meals aren’t cheap but they aren’t too over the top. You pay for the good ingredients and intent behind the meals. I’ve chosen to highlight a few local restaurants that have impressed me with their flavor, freshness and creativity:

The first is Beets Cafe in downtown west Austin. My favorite dish is the raw pizza where every bite has tons of flavor, especially the tomato sauce. The wait service is friendly and their chocolate cheesecake is to die for.

Beets Cafe (Austin). Photo courtesy of VegAustin.com.

Borborleta is another gem also located in downtown west Austin. I recommend their lasagna made from zucchini noodles, macadamia mozzarella, portabello mushrooms and spinach. It comes to you looking really fancy. The menu changes so most things can be local and seasonal which means you should just go back for more. Everything on this sample plate here was delicious.

Borborleta, (Austin). Photo courtesy of vegangrrl.

Of course, Daily Juice has been serving the Austin community for five years now with refreshingly substantial smoothies, but have you been to their cafe yet? Located in Hyde Park, they offer tasty BBQ coconut sandwiches (see left), chile con queso made from walnut chorizo and cashew cheese, and even an enchilada plate with your choice from three kinds of sauce!

Daily Juice Cafe (Austin). Photo courtesy of vegangrrl.

Bliss Raw Café & Elixir Bar set to RAWK Dallas!

Dallas is about to RAWK it! Bliss Raw Café & Elixir Bar is set to open on April 28. My friend and Dallas food writer, Lisa Petty, and I were invited to attend a tasting of Bliss’ menu this past weekend.
Check out my write-up on the Dallas Observer’s City of Ate.
And take a look at some of the rawkin’ food we sampled!

Strawberry Sheezecake: Crazy Amazing!

Rawko-Taco and Choc Salad: We both loved the Taco!
Lisa was diggin’ on that chocolate infused cabbage salad.

Nori Bites: Tasted SO real, they freaked me out!
Lisa loved ’em!

Coconut Berry Parfait: Like an ice cream and berry dream-come-true!