Vegan in a Small Town

Roasted beets with horseradish sauce, steamed asparagus, raw carrot, apple-nut salad, and roasted potatoes. By mollyjade. Licensed under creative commons

I think there’s a misconception out there that fancy vegan products are necessary to being vegan. I know it’s a trap I fall into occasionally. But really, you can be vegan anywhere, so long as you can get to and buy the basics.

Natala of Vegan Hope has started a new website about simple cooking. Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need fancy ingredients or even recipes. Don’t get me wrong. I love trying fancy new foods and complicated recipes. But when it comes to getting dinner on the table night after night, simple really is better. And sometimes I need a reminder of that.

Baked tofu, garlic, onion, purple cabbage, and peppers waiting to be stirfried. Photo by mollyjade. Licensed under creative commons

And Natala’s explanation of how to grocery shop anywhere is a perfect example of this simplified food philosophy. Having traveled and lived all over the country, it makes sense that Natala can distill grocery shopping down to its essence: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, and seasonings. As Natala says, if it doesn’t fit in one of those categories, you probably don’t really need it. Natala focuses on healthy eating for people with medical concerns, so if you’re not watching your health that closely, I’d throw some nuts in there, too.

If you’re considering going vegan, but think it’s not possible because the nearest Whole Foods is 300 miles away, keep your eye on Simplified Food.

More Road Tripping through Texas

Here’s another great article about taking a meandering drive through Texas and hoping to catch some good, healthy eats. My heart broke a little for this couple. While they may have made the trip with full tummies and intact pant-sizes, they ended up eating Subway Veggie Delites when they were just minutes away from Green. Green which was recently voted both best healthy meal and second best dessert in San Antonio, a combination you don’t find often. And while I love having access to Whole Foods when I’m away from home, Loving Hut in Arlington would have been a better meal and closer to I-20, too!

Mr. Fuller, next time you pass through Texas drop me an email. There’s no need to resort to Subway.

Blogging Across Texas

This is a beautiful blog post about traveling through small town Texas as a vegan, searching for adventure and the unknown.

We were hungry, full of empty calories that can only come from Subway’s freshly baked bread, really couldn’t take seeing another cross dotting the road like mile markers (only .25 miles until you’re in hell), and the novelty of OMG-there-really-are-only-religious-radio-stations was wearing off. When we finally made it to our chain motel in some Texas town I can’t remember, in the middle of what we were told was hill country, right next to a Sonic, we were too tired to care about the prospect of driving through hot ass Texas sans AC. Plus, there really were a lot of cattle farms and meat factories. Yummy.

It’s really beautiful writing. Read the rest here. I just hope the author got to sample some of the great vegan food Texas has to offer.