Mexican Hot Dog

I finally got my hands on Fieldroast frankfurters, and I knew I wanted to do something special with them. These aren’t ordinary veggie dogs, and, frankly, they’re a bit expensive (between $5-6 for 6 hot dogs).

Mexican hotdog by mollyjade. The frankfurters aren’t quite this dark. The lighting was off in this photo. Licensed under creative commons

Hence, the Mexican hot dog. I got the idea from Mo (a Texan!) at Mo Betta Vegan. Be sure to check out her Mexican hot dog, which is much more elaborate than mine. Mine had a Rudi’s organic hot dog bun slathered with Vegenaise, a grilled frankfurter, and then soyrizo, pickled jalapenos, and mustard. I was completely against the idea of mayo on a hot dog before this, but I think I’m sold on it now. I know this would only be better with grilled onions and pico. I’ve seen some versions with ketchup, too, but I think mayo, ketchup, and mustard is a bit too much for me.

If you haven’t tried Fieldroast’s new frankfurters yet, make it a priority while it’s still grilling weather. (Just kidding, it’s never gonna get cold again in Texas.) I tried them both grilled and microwaved, and they were good both ways. Seriously, veggie meat that tastes good microwaved is miraculous.

The texture is pretty similar to Fieldroast sausages, which isn’t very hot doglike. But I think that’s a good idea. Most veggie dogs come off as plasticky, and this is nothing like plastic. It tastes good and it smells like a hot dog. Enough so that it creeped me out just a bit. This is a hot dog I’d gladly serve to someone who thinks vegan food is weird and fake because there’s nothing weird or fake about it. The world needed a great veg hot dog, and I think we have it now. Fieldroast, how about pepperoni next?

Fieldroast is doing a series of hot dogs from around the country on their blog to launch the new frankfurters. So far they’ve done a Seattle dog (where they’re located) and a chili dog.

Free Soyrizo Samples at HEB

Photo of panuchos topped with soyrizo from Lazy Smurf

Lent is a good time for the animals. Not only do many people go meatless* on Fridays, but a good number of people give up meat entirelyfor lent. (If you’ve arrived here by googling “vegan and lent”, Welcome, and yes, you can be vegan in Texas!)

With lent in mind, over a hundred HEBs across Texas will be giving away samples of food made with Frieda’s soyrizo Friday, April 1** from 10 AM to 5 PM. The samples will be entirely vegan. The stores include HEBs in cities that don’t get much vegan love, like Midland, Waxahachie, and Eagle Pass, as well as most urban areas. Ask in the comments if you want to know about a particular store.
Soyrizo is probably the most accessible meat alternative, especially if you’re Texan. It’s spicy, familiar, easy to cook with, and goes well with Tex-Mex and even Cajun food. This is a great time to bring your veg-curious friends grocery shopping with you. Give them a vegan tour of the grocery store and top it off with a soyrizo sample.
*Well, land-animal-less, at least.
**This is not an April Fool’s joke.