Houston: Radical Eats Vegan Tamales

Image from Eating Our Words, a Houston Press blog

In a recent blog post, Houston Press writer Christina Uticone reviews the vegan tamales made by Radical Eats, a vegan catering company whose mission is to “get fresh vegetables into your body.” Radical, huh? 

Uticone tried the breakfast tamale, a tamale filled with vegan migas, and a spinach and corn tamale. Both look delicious, don’t they? I love the idea of a a breakfast tamale.
Radical Eats make five varieties of corn husk tamales and also banana leaf tamales, which I’m dying to try. Who wants to make a trip to Houston with me? The tamales are sold at local farmers markets and coffee shops (a full list of locations is on their website).
Radical Eats is also the upcoming host of the Houston Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, which is raising money for Food for Life Global, Kinship Circle, and the first Houston VegFest. Am I the only one who would be excited to buy tamales at a bake sale?

South Austin Trailers: Mambo Berry & Armadillo Tea and Coffee

Trailers are popping up in Austin like ads on Internet Explorer. Every time I go down a street that I haven’t been on for a week more trailers have emerged. South 1st has had its own little trailer park eatery for a while and now South Congress does as well. It started with the cupcake stand (I think) and the last time I was there was to try the Mighty Cone. By the time I went back there were at least 4 more trailers. I was excited to try Mambo Berry because it was a super cute trailer and the menu promised to be very vegan friendly.
They offer 3 different tamales, all of which are vegan and a vegan egg salad like sandwich. I didn’t try it but the guy who runs that stand was really nice and assured me that it was vegan and very tasty. They also had smoothies on the menu but I was excited to get the tamales. One was chipotle and mushroom, another was just called vegetarian, and the third was sweet potato and pecan. You could try all 3 for 7 bucks with a side of chips & salsa included. I, instead, got two for 5, I usually love the sweet potato pecan tamales but I wanted to try his other ones. They were all really good, the chipotle was really spicy but I liked it and two tamales were plenty of food. I was excited that chips and salsa came with the meal but disappointed in the salsa. It didn’t taste freshly made and was overly tomatoey for my taste. It was a good meal and I would go again for sure. It was really nice to have a quick vegan option on South Congress where it can be slim pickins.

I was glad that I bought a beverage, though, at the next trailer over the Armadillo tea and coffee trailer. I had a hibiscus iced tea mixed with lemonade. It was one of the best drinks I ever had. They had a really great menu and it was hard to decide. I am, unfortunately totally obsessed with Bubble tea but I have also spent all of my money for the month and it has hardly started! What a disaster.

I took a snapshot of the menu and I am glad I did because they don’t appear to have a website! Armadillo and Mambo are in cahoots and on Wednesdays they will give you a discount so check it out! The food was great the drink fantastic!
The trailer park is only going to be around for a little while, they are going to build a big hotel where it is located in a couple months so get out there while you can and support local vegan friendly businesses!

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