Vegans Rawk Austin Potluck

Sunday, October 18

Everyone seems to enjoy the food at all the raw places in town but no-one enjoys the high co$t$- so lets have a raw potluck where you can have as much as you want!

Raw food is either uncooked or heated no more than 115 degrees so as to hypothetically preserve enzymes and nutrients.

Please bring a raw vegan (no raw milk,cheese, eggs,honey, fish etc.) dish large enough for 8, plates utensils and a hungry tummy.

Feel free to bring either something simple like fruit or a salad or if your feeling more adventurous there is a slew of great sites and youtube videos with recipes. Here are some to get you on your way, your sure to find something you’ll want to whip up.

RSVP and get directions here!

VRA Pre-Labor Ice Cream Challenge!

VRA prelabor

Ever wonder which vegan ice cream brand is really the best? Tired of the endless debates on message board about coconut vs. soy vs. rice? Take the Ice Cream Challenge this Labor Day weekend.

We’ll be comparing the vanilla flavor from several different brands in a double-blind challenge. Please bring 5$ to help pay for the ice cream. It’s going to be at the Galveston House at 7608 Galveston Lane.

Please RSVP so that we know how much icecream to buy ahead of time.

Austin: VRA Picnic – The Music Man

Vegans, oh we got vegans,
Right here in River City!
With a capital “V”
That rhymes with “P”
And that stands for Potluck!

Come on out and enjoy the classic musical The Music Man along with some dandy folks and food this Friday night.

Bring a vegan dish large enough for 8, a blanket, drinks, and plates/utensils. We’ll convene on the hill facing the Zilker Hillside theatre, which is in Zilker Park across from Barton Springs.

Admission to the play is FREE but parking in Zilker will costs $3.00 per car – so carpool for goodness sake!

Potluck begins at 7:30pm and musical begins at 8:30, for those who want to stay around and watch.

RSVP here.

Austin VRA event: Picnic at the Park + Romeo and Juliet

Jacob over at Vegans Rock Austin! is organizing this event for next Saturday, May 16. RSVP here.

As many of you may know, Zilker Park has been my favorite park of all time since I was a little kid. What you might not know is that every year, they have free plays at the Hillside Theater across the parking lot from Barton Springs Pool. This year, the Austin Shakespeare Festival is doing my favourite Shakespeare play, “Romeo and Juliet”.

Before the play, we’ll have a small little picnic, brown-bag style again to make things easy. In order to get a good spot, we’ll need to bring blankets and meet up at 6pm. (Blankets are not allowed on the hillside until 6:00p.m)

Admission is free, but bring 3$ for parking if you drive, and please bring a small cash donation, especially if you like the performance 😉

Vegans Rock BBQ! (Austin)

Let’s fire up the grill and make the omnivores jealous. Rain or shine, we have indoor and outdoor seating. Please RSVP with items you’d like to bring, especially:

Hot dog & burger buns
Potato salad
Any kind of side dishes
Vegan burgers
Vegan hot dogs
Skewers of veggies
Chips and salsa
Ice cream

Of course, as usual, please bring a dish free of any animal products, including meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, etc.

For address, directions, and to RSVP, please click here.

VRA meetup: Daily Juice Cafe (Austin)

Monday, March 9th 7:30pm.

Daily Juice Cafe:

“The Daily Juice has opened a new location in Hyde Park, at 45th and Duval. Along with its regular menu of wonderful juices, smoothies and shots, the new location has a raw foods menu. I’m pretty sure the only things they serve that are not vegan are yogurt in a few smoothies and bee pollen as an add-on. Their menu includes items such as mole enchiladas, avocado sandwiches, a nacho platter, ceasar salad, sushi rolls, tacos, raw spaghetti and more! And let’s not forget the raw desserts like cinnamon rolls, orange cheese cake, and many chocolaty confections. The atmosphere of the cafe is very pleasant and cheerful.”

Please RSVP before March 8th on the VRA web site.