Brendan Brazier at Wheatsville Coop

Brendan is so strong, his bike rides him.

Brendan Brazier, famous vegan, Canadian Ultramarathon champion, and producer of a fantastic and fantastically expensive protein supplement will be at Wheastville Coop in Austin on Sunday, April 3 at 1 PM to talk about training and nutrition. Who wants to sneak into the back and ask him where he gets his protein?

Southern fried tofu sandwich

Souther Fried Tofu Sandwich

I did my weekly shop at Wheatsville last night, and couldn’t resist the Southern Fried Tofu beckoning from the deli case – it looked especially crispy and savory today. So I decided to make it into a sandwich! I toasted some wholegrain bread, melted some FYH Monterey Jack on it, and added Vegenaise and mixed greens before throwing on the heated tofu patty, and the result was DELICIOUS, Y’ALL.

Which reminds me, did you know there’s a blog about veganizing Paula Deen recipes?! I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it myself.

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Here’s what I had:

Wheatsville cranberry-orange sauce, Wheatsville tempeh with carrots and leeks, Veganomicon stir-fried collard greens, Wheatsville rosemary biscuit, homemade candied bourbon sweet potatoes, homemade seitan sausage balls, homemade roast parsnips, and Wheatsville mushroom gravy. This was SO GOOD. More pics on my blog.

We finished up with some coconut cream pie, also from Wheatsville.

Post your pics!

Queso: the Holy Grail of vegan Tex-Mex?

Wheatsville Deli at Wheatville Food Co-op in Austin has vegan queso. Ingredients include Ro-Tel tomatoes, nutritional yeast, organic unbleached flour, vegan margarine, garlic powder, cumin
sea salt, and water. If you’ve been vegan a little while and like nooch, you’ll love this. I usually reheat it in a little bowl like this and lustily scoop it up with tortilla chips with both hands.