Neglected Pygmy Goats Need YOUR Help!

The pygmy goats pictured above need your help. The goats were severely neglected in Waco and were found starving and living among the rotting remains of other goats who didn’t make it. Sunny Day Farms would like to offer these goats a home, but they need your help sponsoring the animals. If Sunny Day can’t find or make homes for these animals, they’ll be sent to auction, which means almost certain death.

This is a heartbreaking story, and the photos are hard to look at. But you can help. Do you know someone capable of caring for a goat or two? Can you pledge money to Sunny Day to help with their upkeep? Do you know a farm animal vet who could offer free or reduced cost treatment? Even if you don’t have the means to help personally, you can help spread the word to those who can.

If you know of a potential home for a goat or can offer an in-kind donation, contact Brooke through the Sunny Day Farms Facebook page. If you’d like to donate money, send it through Pay Pal to info (at)